Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Aleksandra Radovic - Cuvaj Moje Srce

This is a Serbian song by Aleksandra Radovic which I've recently heard and I loved it from the first time I heard it.

Don't ask me that do u know Serbian language because the answer would be NO. I don't limit music to a particular language. I hear songs from  all over the world.

This is a feel good song about love (I'm guessing) and the official music video is also good in which the band members perform the song. The guitar piece in it... I LOVE IT!!!

It also fuelled my desire to learn to play guitar.

It's a funny story how I got to know this song.

One day I was bored on the internet and went to for chatting with unknown strangers. Strangely all of them ask for asl and when I tell them I'm male they disconnect it.

Anyways I was about to close that website before one last chat and talked to a Serbian girl. We had a nice chat where we talked about each others interests and hobbies. Then I asked what's your favourite song and she told me this song. The moment I heard it I loved it.

I also told her my favourite songs... Hope she likes them.