Monday, 1 April 2013

Movie: Accepted

This is one of the most coolest and enjoyable films that I've seen for some while. The plot of the story is simple. A simple high schooler applies for every college in the city only to get rejected! He even got rejected by a "failsafe" college which he was sure he could go in.

So naturally he tries telling his parents that without college education, many  people became great and achieved success in their lives. But his parents tell him that society has "rules" and that he has to join a college somehow.

In his desperation, he creates a fake college with a fake website designed by his close friend. One of his friends also wants to join this fake college and along the way he meets more people wanting to join them.

Where does he lead with this fake college? What happens when he's busted? Watch it to find out.

I assure you all that it's very fun and good movie to watch. You would have wished that you'd like to join a college like the one the hero creates in this film.