Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Movie: A Few Good Men

This movie has a star studded cast that features the incredible Tom Cruise, the beautiful Demi Moore and one of the best villains of recent times Jack Nicholson.

Note that this is a Tom Cruise film that doesnt have any action or love scenes in it!
Unbelievable right? But that's the truth.

Nonetheless this is one heck of a good movie. It's kind of a dramatic thriller.

Two U.S marines are accused of murder of a fellow marine. Demi Moore rquests her superiors that she would like to defend them as she suspects a foulplay here. But the case is given to Tom Cruise who doesnt have any interest in defending those two marines at the beginning.

As the investigation goes on, Tom Cruise finally accepts that they are wrongly accused and then puts his heart and mind into solving the case. But there is no form of proof for him to show that they are not guilty.

Did he succeed in his case? If he did, how did he show the jury members that they are not guilty??
Watch the film to find out yourself.

The climax is so thrilling that you would go to the edge of your seats at the end. The actors were so good in their respective characters so much that they would make you feel their emotions at the end.